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In our heads, excellent ideas flare into being all the time. Usually, we never do anything about them. We forget them, and they're gone, perhaps never to return to another human mind.

This website is like a foster home for ideas like that. Instead of letting them vanish into the ether, you can donate them to the world.

Or, if you're looking for creative inspiration, you can browse the random ideas others have submitted.

Hopefully, talented people grab some of them and turn them into reality, and then we're all better off for it. If not, this website will at least stand as the Internet abode of random bursts of creativity, and that's just as well.

This website was created by TuxedoWoolf and TheFerridge at The Chapsterhood. Find us on chapsterhood.com for all your contacting needs.

In the spirit of free sharing, all ideas you submit to Donate an Idea are submitted under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC BY 4.0). This means that anyone can take your ideas and freely use them however they like, provided they give you appropriate credit (if you include your name, that is. Without a name, it's CC0). More information on creativecommons.org